The Elements of Alchemy

The Elements of Alchemy Cover

A fantasy adventure novel.

Available in Print on and and eBook at and for other formats soon.

Once, there was only the Twenty-Four. Then, beginning of beginnings, the First God Council met. Forming a perfect circle, a perfect union, the Twenty-Four looked upon the chaos of Tiarve and chose to tame it.

As the Gods worked, Malacand, god of magic and alchemy, grew to distrust his fellow Gods and Goddesses. In secret, he forged seven mortal weapons, of immortal power – they could slay a God.

Two hundred years ago, Cirala, Goddess of Time, was slain by Malacand’s hand. Teadorn discovered Malacand and joined the other Gods to drive him from their midst. Malacand fled and the Gods banished him from Tiarve.

Now, bandits attack towns and raid temples of holy items. After an attack in the town of Southpass, Jerath Arkell begins his journey to become a Master Alchemist.

Traveling across Tiarve, he stumbles upon a rapier with the symbol of Malacand. He must find out who is after this god-killing weapon, even as they spread fear and deception, bringing the nations closer to war.

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